Only in Los Angeles...

Doing some youtube surfing and found this video. Wow only in Los Angeles someone would be nozing it on T.V while cops are out side his car waiting for him to pass out. Dumb fu*ks on t.v are always funny.

Effects of nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide can produce the following effects: giggling, euphoria, auditive distortions (flanging of sound), analgesia (pain relief, sometimes numbing), loss of balance, tingling or numbing in extremities, dissociation (detaching from reality, out-of-body experiences) and dream-like states. When nitrous oxide administration is prolonged, the user usually falls unconscious and can experience dreams and visions, out-of-body experiences and sometimes mystical and religious experiences. Altered thought patterns (usually involving strange arrangements of words) are sometimes observed.

Nitrous oxide quickly enters the bloodstream through the alveoli in the lungs. Nitrous oxide is fat soluble, being quickly distributed in the whole body, including synapses in the brain. Nitrous oxide is an uncompetitive NMDA channel blocker, which explains its effects.

The effects of a single inhalation of nitrous oxide start almost instantly, usually a few seconds after inhaling. The effects peak about 10-20 seconds after inhalation, and they diminish as quickly as they began. If nitrous oxide administration is prolonged, the effects reach a plateau about 30-60 seconds after the first breath, and diminish a few seconds after nitrous oxide is no longer administered. Mild sedation, feeling of well-being and sometimes headache (especially with prolonged administration) can be felt up to 30 minutes after coming down.

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